Dear Visitors,

as the Mayor of Vác, I respectfully welcome you to our website. Please peruse the "Vác stop" on the internet and learn more about our thousand-year-old town, it's history, sights, and our many programs. After your virtual tour I believe you will be interested in making a personal visit to see the Triumphal Arch, the Fort, the only baroque stone bridge in Hungary, the historic buildings of the Seven Chapels, the recently rebuilt baroque main square, and our beautiful Danube promenade. You may also visit the exhibitions of our well-known museums, or find food for your soul in our diocesan town at the Cathedral and other beautiful churches.

When you visit Vác - which has been named a "Hungarian City of Culture" - you can enjoy not only several exhibitions, but also many cultural events and festivals. At the end of July we commemorate the visit in 1764 of the Empress Maria Theresa with an annual three-day long festival called the "Váci Világi Vigalom."

Whether you are looking for interesting sights, culture, sports, or good food, you will find countless opportunities and a wide variety of choice in our welcoming town.

Vác is easily reached by train, car, bus, and boat. The nearby regions of the Naszály and Gödöllõ Hills are also ideal and interesting tourist spots. Many famous tourist destinations, like the town of Szentendre or the castle at Visegrád, are easily accessible from Vác; therefore our city can rightly be called the "Capital of the Danube Bend." Come and enjoy the hospitality of the people of Vác and then come back again and again!


If you would like to make a comment or share your opinion, please do not hesitate to reach us at sajto@varoshaza.vac.hu


Attila Fördõs